Friday, July 13, 2012

Love in a Dry Season

So last night, Casey and I had a rare hour of complaining about our financial woes.  We kinda hit a limit on things breaking and falling apart.  The romanticism of Casey biking to work while we save for a new car was wearing thin.  We had had it with the broken cell phone, worn-out mattress, and slower than slow computer.    Why suffer a with a broken sofa-bed couch another day?  How do we call ourselves adults when don't have one comfortable chair in the house?

We began fantasizing about throwing our usual financial conservatism to the wind and instead charging up a storm.  It was either gonna be that, or sell everything and head out on the mission field where going without is admirable.

And even though we didn't feel like it, we prayed, lifting all our first-world burdens to the Lord.

And low and behold if I didn't wake up with a much improved perspective!  Friends are letting us borrow their super cute Mini-Cooper.  I was able to sub at the food co-op I used to be a part of and brought home a ton of food for a very generous price.  Got the mail only to find a bunch of checks that will enable my husband to go on a trip to Colorado to help with the fire damage.  And most perspective rocking, was talking to a friend in deep financial and relational trouble.  Had a serious count your blessings moment.

And so, I am thankful.  Deeply, deeply grateful.  Grateful for friends who care.  Grateful for a Heavenly Father who is a magnificent provider.  I have a husband who is deeply committed to his family and to his God.  I have children who delight me.  I truly have all I need.

And I am grateful that we are not rich.  If we were rich, we wouldn't need to depend on God.  And being dependent on God is where I function best.