Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heart project

I am so excited! Today I learned that Samaritan's Purse has an amazing giving opportunity through their Children's Heart Project. You can buy an airline ticket to save a child's life by bringing him to the United States to have surgery that is unavailable in his native country. Of course you don't have to buy the whole cost of the ticket, but you can share that cost with others. The whole ticket is $2,200 and the shared cost is $220.

This has obviously struck a major chord with Casey and me. We are so blessed to have a son who has benefited so much from our country's excellent medical care. I thank God continually that He allowed Carter to be born in a country where he could receive such care. Soon, we will be blessed again to adopt a sweet girl into our family who is in desperate need of heart surgery.

I know the heart of a mother who has a child she cannot help. What a privilege we have to be able to provide a miracle for a desperate family!

Casey and I are giving each other the gift of a shared airline ticket through Samaritan's Purse this Christmas. I cannot think of a single gift that could make me happier.

Please watch the video below and consider joining us. We only need nine more families to join us and we can save a child's life.

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