Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you know me, you know that the Children's Heart Project is very close to my heart. This program brings children and their mothers from around the world to America for life saving heart surgery that could not happen in their own country. I know first hand the desperation of having a child with a heart problem. This program makes miracles happen for these families.

I have been talking to Carter's surgical team to see if they would be interested in sponsoring some of these cases- and guess what?- they are!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me! Now, just the small matter of getting the hospital to agree to waving the cost...

Our Lord is all about redemption. When Carter was so gravely ill a few years ago, I trusted that the Lord would use his situation for His glory. I couldn't see how this would take place, but I just knew He would. Make beauty from ashes. Turn our mourning into joy.

I know that if Carter hadn't been born with a heart defect, we most certainly would not have the urgency or passion for the Children's Heart Project. Now, because we allowed Christ into our desperation, other children's lives will be spared. Other mothers will be spared the grief of their children's death.

I am humbled beyond belief that God would let us play a role in this amazing story. Give your grief and pain to God. He knows just what to do with it.

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