Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Campers

For a few months now we have been taking a refugee family from Rwanda to church with us. We have made a great connection. We help them out adjusting to life in America, and the mother of the family braids Sitota's hair- works for me! (if you are a white mother of an African child, you will understand of weight of this gift!)

We have been hoping to get the teens in this family off to the high school summer camp (this would be their first exposure to youth group!), and this past week, they went! This is a huge victory! I picked them up at the church last night after a week of praying that they would not only meet friends, but that they would meet Jesus- and God is so faithful- all this happened and more.

Did I mention how fun it was to hear the happy cries of teenage girl in my backseat telling me all about how she saw a horse for the first time, how everybody at camp was so nice to her, that the camp nurse was from Kenya, about rafting, swimming, horseback riding, worship and how she now knows Jesus is real? Did I tell you how incredible it was to hear that her painfully shy brother stood up the second to last night of camp and prayed aloud in Swahili?

I am in awe. Thank you to everyone who helped these teens get to camp. They are forever changed and so am I.

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