Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heart Update

After consulting with several cardiologists, it looks like Therese's heart will be fixed via open-heart surgery. We had hoped the coarctation could be fixed through a catheter procedure, but after careful evaluation, that does not seem to be the way to go. Using the catheter would require two or more procedures and still might not fix the problem. We like the idea of fixing the problem once and for all, which should be the case if we go the open-heart route.

We will most likely hear from the surgeon this week, set up the consultation and get a date on the books for the procedure. Therese will have the same surgeon as Carter had for his surgeries, but the surgery will occur at Hope Children's Hospital (part of Christ Hospital) instead of Lutheran General. We were looking forward to seeing our old buddies at Lutheran and taking comfort that we know that hospital like the back of our hand, but Hope is where they do this particular surgery.

We don't know yet if Therese's surgery will be in February, but that would be another cool heart connection if that turns out to be the case. You see, four years ago this Valentine's Day, we brought Carter home from the hospital for the last time after six heart surgeries.

Four years ago I would have NEVER predicted that this Valentine's Day we would be celebrating four hospital free years (for heart surgery reasons anyway!), but also LAPS of Love. My two fourth grade daughters and their classmates walking the school yard together to raise money for a new classroom and supplies in Burkina Faso. SO much has happened in these four years. The number of our children has doubled, as well as the size of our hearts!

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