Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whoa, Baby!

I am writing this post while just recovering from the state of shock I've been in since little baby J came home on Monday. Our little man has a lot of needs. A lot.

Hopefully next week we will begin some at home nursing care which will ease our load. This sweet baby is on continuous feeds, a truckload of meds, needs wound care, glucose checks, nebulizer treatments and pulse-ox spot checks. Oh, and we need to weigh him naked everyday and the exact same time (that is SO easy).

Needless to say that this little baby has rocked our world.

Did I mention we can't allow him to cry for more than ten minutes or we need to call the doctor?

Besides a crazy lot of work, this baby has brought the JOY!

While reading a bedtime book last night, one of the questions was "what is your favorite thing to do?". Therese answered that her favorite thing is taking care of sick babies.

Carter is relishing his big brother role. He has now started to eat the crust of his sandwich because he "is big now and a real big brother". Carter knows this baby isn't staying, but he will always be his big brother anyhow!

Sitota's heart breaks for this baby. It makes her sad to see his feeding tube and his medicine. Bless her tender heart! But that compassion fuels her to help and she loves pushing his IV pole for me.

At bed time last night, Evelea said, "Mommy, can you believe baby J has only been with us one day?". I looked at her with disbelief as it feels like that one day had been a week!

Casey has been the rock these past 48 hours. He kicked his organizational skills into high gear pre-measuring all the meds into labeled containers for each 24 hour period and pre-measuring formula (this is not a regular formula mix). He loves this baby and wants to give him the best we have.

And my family and friends! I've had two neighborhood nurse friends come to help me change the dressing on his wound and trouble shoot the feeding pump. We've had meals, groceries, rides to AWANA and school, and an extra set of hands to hold the baby while I shower. All desperately needed.

This is the body of Christ in action. All of for one little life. All glory to God forever and ever.


  1. OH WOW. I love it! It really is the body of Christ in action. Thanks for taking your precious minutes to update us.

  2. You're an amazing family. Keep it up!

  3. So glad you guys are holding it down. Glad to hear such a good report!