Sunday, March 11, 2012

Month 2

I'm done with Food Month!

Some of you may remember that I am conducting  "an experimental mutiny against excess" inspired by Jen Hatmaker (and Jesus).

The first month involved eating only 7 kinds of food.  My original list was: sweet potatoes, beans, apples, bananas, rice, eggs and tomatoes.  Well, that didn't last as long as I thought it would, and I ended up adding all fruits and vegetables.  Call me a big fat cheater, but this was the right decision for me.  As I run walk away from this month I learned the following:

1.  Absolute gratitude for the food I have in front of me.
2.  The practice of remembering of those who don't have enough to eat.
3.  Just because I can eat it, doesn't mean I should.

I ate a vegetarian diet this month (minus the eggs) and that suited me.  Tacos from Jalisco's also suit me, so I will aim towards a mostly vegetarian diet.  I just feel more peaceful with fewer animals in my diet.

Enter Month 2- Clothes

This month I will be wearing just 7 articles of clothing.  To be fair, my earrings won't count, but I'll wear the same pair all month.  I will also give myself the freedom of wearing one accessory- it will be something that was handmade in another country and I will use that item to remind me to pray for the hands that made it, and for the country in was made in.

In Jen's book (we're on a first name basis now!), she says the following in the chapter about clothes:

"I hope one day clothes and appearance and everyone else's assessment doesn't even occur to me.  I would like to be so focused on the valuable that what I'm wearing doesn't even warrant mental space."

Full disclosure:  I have an appointment to get my hair cut and colored this week.  That doesn't exactly fit into my schema of asceticism in the area of appearance.  Reader, I have a lot to learn.  

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  1. Good for YOU! Not only are you incredibly brave to take on this challenge in the first place, but you didn't quit after the first month. I'm impressed. Go Erika! :)

    P.S. As a fellow vegetarian, I was happy to hear you didn't miss the animal products.