Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I never wanted to home school.  But God laid it on my heart that this would be the best educational and emotional choice for one of my children.

After much sighing, praying it away, and a few tears, I submitted.

And God ran with it.

Today I find myself not only home schooling one of my daughters, but also a pregnant 15 year old.  She came to me via the Safe Families program.

And it is hard.  And it is good.  And I have little time to blog anymore, but more time to marvel at God and how He works and how He invites us to join Him in his plan.

And sometimes I think, why am I doing all of this? Does it even matter?  Is it worth the cost?  And then I get a text.  A text from the mother of our heart baby we took care of last fall and winter.  Many texts and pictures with an update and that little pumpkin is thriving! And my heart is full.  So happy to have played a part.  To be a small part of an absolute miracle!

And I stand in awe of the One who sent me on that mission.  And continues to send ME, scared and weary me,to do his work.  To be his hands and feet.  And I am grateful.  And I am honored.  And I am changed.

I am not amazing, I am SENT.


  1. You are Heaven-Sent, Dear Daughter!!

  2. It is definitely hard some days but totally worth it. Also, it absolutely steals blogging time. ;)

  3. Love you, Erika! Love your heart!