Friday, June 26, 2009

How Beautiful are the Feet that bring Good News

While in Liberia, we had the opportunity to host a Bible camp for children. The children had never seen anything like this before. We did all the simple things that children here in America would not find particularly special. We sang songs, did simple crafts, shared Jesus with them, and played games. I cannot tell you how much the children loved this time we had together. Over a hundred children lined up outside the church singing, and waiting eagerly to get inside. As they came in, I lined up their shoes against the wall. I count it a highlight of my trip that I got to pray over each of those sweet shoes that hold the feet of those precious children.

On the last day of the camp, the village chief honored us by giving us a chicken (a traditional way of expressing thanks). But this was not just any chicken- it was a white rooster. You see, they heard us share the story of salvation through the wordless book and took the meaning of those colors to heart. They searched high and low for a white rooster to symbolize the purity we have after being washed in Jesus, blood. How cool is that?

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