Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am just blown away right now my a friend of mine who is in the process of adopting five children at one time. Mind-blowing, right? It gets better. She already has 14 other children.

Lately I've been discouraged, hearing the stories of several women who are choosing not to stay home with their young children. Women who could easily stay home, but don't. One woman, featured in a woman's magazine in an article about how to balance work and family, has been weighing heavily on mind. She is a chef, a very successful one. She absolutely loves cooking. She goes on in the article to say that she doesn't have time to cook for her family during the week and is too busy to cook on the weekends. And you know what? My heart broke a little thinking of her children for whom she does not have the time to cook. I mean, here their mom is, a wonderful chef, and they don't get to eat her food or learn how to cook from her. It just doesn't seem right.

Then there are moms like Rona, she has enough love and nurture in her heart to love and care for 19 children. She and her husband labor to make every penny stretch. She has great stories of how God has provided for them, too. She does all this with a smile and a light shining out of her that is so radiant, you want to look away, but she will hug you first.

Children are a gift. Ask my sweet friend, Steph, whose blog (Baby Braden Petska), you can link to from mine, about how precious a child is and she will tell you that every minute and every breath counts.

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