Monday, February 1, 2010

This morning as Casey and I were praying for wisdom in parenting Sitota, Casey had an interesting vision given to him. He saw our two biological kids as hardy flowers, like daisies. You can make mistakes, even neglect them a bit and they will be just fine, strong as ever. He pictured Sitota, our adopted daughter, more like an orchid. Have you ever read the instructions on how to care for an orchid? Very tender, complex care must be taken to maintain the beauty and health of an orchid.

Bonding with biological children happens without a thought. It is like breathing. Bonding and attachment with a child who is adopted is a thought out thing. It will not happen without effort.

I asked God to shine His light on any areas where we are not fully bonded with Sitota. I want to make sure I am taking proper care of this incredibly beautiful flower God has given us.

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