Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give it Up, Girls!

So I had a thought. What if we women made a pact not to read beauty/fashion magazines anymore? You know, the ones packed with advertising, the ones that make you feel like you need to buy more stuff in order to be socially acceptable? The ones that leave you feeling like you have wrinkles and really need to buy some anti-aging products as quickly as possible? The ones that make you forget you wanted to donate some money to that really cool organization you just heard about, but now you keep thinking about those boots- those boots would look so great with everything! The one that leaves you feeling like your sex life isn't what it should be, you REALLY need to get to gym ASAP, that maybe being a mom is just not your idea of a good time after all, needing some new perfume, candles, love seat, manicure, facial, and/or husband?

What if we agreed to just leave all that behind? What if we just accepted ourselves for who we are? I, personally, would love to never think about my ever deepening crow's feet again- and I think if I never saw another add for wrinkle cream it would help. I mean, would I have ever even noticed my crow's feet if I didn't have a stupid ad pointing them out to me?

What if we traded in our magazines, and committed to complementing our friends and even strangers on their beauty instead? Instead of an advertisement informing us of what we should think of as beauty, we defined beauty for ourselves? And then we see that beauty in another woman, we tell her? Whoa.

Let's do it, okay?


  1. I'm in!! You are truly beautiful,as is!!!

  2. enjoying your blog and this was a great post!