Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whoa. Carter threw his bottles away on Saturday. Whoa. After all these years he traded them for a pack of Power Ranger guys and really hasn't looked back.

Okay, I know he is 5 years old and I should be doing the dance of joy, but instead I am sad! I mean, of course I am glad to not suffer the special brand of humiliation that comes from explaining to the doctor/ babysitter/ teacher/dentist that Carter still takes a bottle, but that is one of the last baby connections I have to my son. One more step further away from me.

I guess that is the job of the parent. Making sure their child becomes independent and all.

I had a photographer friend who always made sure to take pictures of her children from behind. This was to remind her that her children were in the process of walking away from her and it make the most of everyday they are together. A little melancholy perhaps, but that just so fits my mood for today.

I love my boy.

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