Friday, August 27, 2010

Please Don't tell the Folks at Make a Wish

In March of 2008, our family was blessed with the experience of going to Disney World through the Make a Wish Foundation. What an amazingly fun experience we had!

Lately, Carter has been making comments such as "I wish I was sick again so I could go fight Zurg at Disney" and "if I get real sick again can we please go back to Disney?". How does a mother respond to such statements?

Today, we saw an ambulance, and Carter said, "somebody is real sick, right?". I said, "yeah, buddy, we should pray". And Carter says "maybe they get to go to Disney now!".

All five-year-old goofiness aside, I am blown away by the progress Carter has made in the past year. He is handling kindergarten like a champ (with the help of an incredible one on one aide). He can ride his tricycle for two blocks. And this past year has been his healthiest ever.

No buddy, I wouldn't trade what we have now for 100 trips to Disney!


  1. I adore your son from the bottom of my heart. Look at that sweet boy! Love him!

  2. Makes a Mimi weep happy tears!!