Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Girls In Africa


I've commandeered this blog for the time being so that I can bring you...


(after that rather annoying multi-post on facebook, I thought I'd give this a try; the following is from Erika's most recent email update)

Right now we are in Yako at the orphanage. We only spent one night in Yako in a missionary hostel. Now, we are at Ruth's house in the orphanage compound. It is very homey in a Africa like way! On Monday, we will return to Ouga, and may return here later in the week.

Therese LOVES your picture. She will call you Papa. You too will get
along great! All the bonding stuff is going really well. She is very
response to our love and loves us back. The nurses here haven't been
giving her her heart medicine, SO, that is interesting and a bit scary.
She used the toliet for the first time today!

Today, we played all morning with the babies. So sweet, but it makes
you sad. Evelea is wonderful with them. This afternoon, we went to the
only thing to see here in Yako, a Barrage, a man-made lake, and we took
a walk. We took a wild ride in the back of a truck- Africa style!

Guess what? Ruth says "KoKoKo" when entering someone's home- just like
our Precious Ramotse! (from The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books and TV show)

We are near a mosque, so we here the call to prayer multiple times a
day. love that at 4 am.

Therese and Evelea are sharing a room. So sweet. They are getting
along wonderfully and I have no doubt all our kids will get along
great. She is eating lots of new foods and is liking everything. I
don't think we have to worry about food at all once we are home.
Seriously, if you can, practice a little French. That will be the
hardest part. She writes in cursive, that is all they learn.

Tomorrow we will go to an Assembly of God church here- can't wait!
Can't wait to see our girl dancing there!

I think that is about it. Keep praying we can come home. I really hope
to know on Monday. I can't imagine what we'd do for the "extra" week if
we need to stay.

I LOVE YOU so much! I miss you like crazy!!! When we get back to Ouga,
we might be able to Skype, so you may want to subscribe.

I really love you all and can't wait for us to be together!



  1. Re:
    "She writes in cursive, that is all they learn."

    I really hope that it isn't ALL they learn!


  2. Beautiful - thank you for posting this and giving us a peek into your life.

  3. Oh, I love these updates! Thanks for sharing.