Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adoption High

Wow- where to start?

I have been on a major adoption high the past month. If you thought I was psyched about the significance of adoption before, I am over the top now!

Therese is AMAZING. We love her with our whole hearts. She has added a whole new element of laughter and joy and dance and song into our family. There is NOTHING like hearing the sound of that girl singing her heart out or laughing her huge laugh. Or reminding us to pray that Jesus would be with her friends in Burkina Faso (we don't forget, but she makes sure). Or seeing her face when she received her new lunch box. Or excitedly yell "come!" to the squirrel in our backyard. Or fill her cup with as many ice cubes as her heart desires. Or luxuriate in the bath or shower multiple times a day. Or ask me for a kiss on the just so spot on the bridge of her forehead.

Adoption is supposed to be hard. It is suppose to be even harder if the child is "older". Call it a "honeymoon" if you must. But I know God has done something amazing here. This child is PRECIOUS in His sight and He is covering her and our family.

Therese started school this Monday and it has been precious. She is in the same class as Evelea and they sit next to each other. Evelea astounds me once again with her maturity and joy in helping her sister adjust. Her teacher is an amazing man. He has fully and joyfully embraced the challenge of incorporating Therese into his class. He even wrote a note to Evelea to let her know he was proud of her and the way she is helping guide her sister. Another student brought in a French/English dictionary from the library so she could talk to Therese. I have gone to the school each day to each lunch with my girls and check in on Therese. I am thrilled with the sweetness of these students who have a special place in their hearts for Therese and want to help her. I pity the child who got Therese "out" in dodge ball- the other children were mortified that anyone would get her "out", but Therese loved it!

My heart is overflowing with love for my children. God is gracing us in ways I don't understand. I am SO grateful. So grateful.


  1. Yay! Thank God for his grace and presence and the beautiful gift of Therese for your family.

    What an encouraging report! I love it.

  2. That's AWESOME!!! The 4th grade teachers certainly are amazing. How great to hear the other students rallying around Therese. I was wondering how much culture shock she is going through especially with the weather! She's got a million dollar smile. So happy for you guys.

  3. This is the one of the best blog posts I've ever read. My heart is bursting! :) :) :)

  4. So excited for your family! I have been thinking of you and praying for you. Glad to see that the adjustment is going so well! Praying for all the hospital visits and tests.

  5. Crying again... overwhelmed by God's goodness and grace. xo