Friday, January 14, 2011

Long Day

Well, Therese's 2 hour MRI lasted more like 3 1/2 hours. This caused a little anxiety on our part, but everything is looking good. We have the report back on her brain and everything is normal there- phew! We don't have the heart report yet, but we didn't plan on that. She is VERY tired and really has not been awake more than 5 minutes straight all day. She had general anesthetic and it has really wiped her out. The anesthetic, plus the anxiety leading up to the test, plus four days of school, plus only having been America 3.5 weeks, have finally taken their toll.

We got home around 4pm and had our 30 post-placement adoption visit at 4:30pm- yikes! We're all a bit tired and glad to be done for the day. Definitely a video night tonight!

And a special thanks to Mimi who watched Ev and Sitota and Carter ALL DAY. I know she's glad to be home tonight! What a Super Mim!

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