Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Outta Here!

Today I am a guest blogger at the We Are Grafted In site. This site has been an invaluable resource to me as an adoptive parent and I know you will love it too!

I will be leaving the blog-o-sphere for week while my family and I GO ON VACATION! This is our first ever "normal" family vacation as our last one was a trip to Disney with Make a Wish (how cool was that?). Michigan- here we come!

In place, I am leaving you something even better! You will get to hear from two of my best friends. I am excited for you as these two ladies are rocking mamas with hearts full of Jesus- so check back!


  1. Will def. miss you! Have a fun trip!!!

  2. I just read your post on "We are grafted in" and hopped over to your blog. It's very nice! I loved your hair post as we brought home our 13 y.o. AA daughter just 13 months ago from SVG, so the whole hair thing I'm learning too. BTW, I'm in MI!! Hope you enjoy your time here.