Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Can't Fight City Hall

...nor did we try to, however:

We live on a fairly busy street kiddie (kitty? kiddy?)-corner from a large public high school (my alma mater).  So clearly we didn't move into our house thinking we had secured a house with maximum privacy.  But yesterday, our little world became a little more public.

In ONE day, the city removed three huge trees that we see from our yard and installed a stoplight at the corner.  Apparently a few kids have gotten hit by cars, or almost hit by cars in the last few years.  Not to sound like a curmudgeon or anything, but somehow kids have managed to make it across this street for decades without incident, and now it is a problem?  I'm gonna wager it has something to do with kids and their i-pods. or that darn texting.

End of the curmudgeon report.

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