Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is there a shot for that?

One month from today I will be traveling to Liberia in West Africa. There is a group of six women from my church who are going to join up with Samaritans Purse to visit people with HIV, do some light construction, and lead a camp for about 100 kids.

Part of preparing for this trip meant getting caught up on many immunizations. Some boosters and some to avoid disease like typhoid fever, yellow fever, etc. My oldest daughter was very interested in hearing about what injections I had received. Suddenly a look of concern came over her sweet face and she said, "oh, you got the one for AIDS right?".

You see, we have been actively praying for the 15 million orphans of the disease for months now. She knows its serious business. It horrified her to find out there is not a vaccine. She can't understand yet the reasons why her mommy can't get this disease, when so many other mommies get it.

This conversation broke my heart. From my daughter's innocence- to the aching of mothers who must leave their children behind...

Would you take a minute and pray for people living with HIV and for those whose lives are forever changed because they lost someone to this disease?

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  1. Jesus, please help us be willing to try and change the world.

    Keep writing, my friend!