Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Great Physician

Yesterday I was playing doctor with Carter- he was the doctor of course. As he came at me with a pretend shot, I feigned great fear and trembling. Sweet, sweet boy that he is, he put his hand over my leg and administered the shot through his hand. He looked right in my eyes and said "no owie, Mommy, I do MY hand for you".

During the countless medical procedures I've gone through with Carter, I've had that feeling that I could in some way identify with God, in that He allowed His Son to suffer, so that a greater good could be achieved. I hold Carter still so that an IV can be placed- I don't like it. I want to take him in my arms and RUN- go out for ice cream instead. But I know he needs the IV, so I hold him down, whisper comforting words, and pray until it is over.

My precious son gets it. He took the pain for ME. What a privilege to have a son who is willing to hurt so I don't have to. What a picture of what Christ does for us!

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