Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Can Do It, Too!

A friend shared with me recently that I seemed so confident throughout our adoption process. This comment really surprised me! There were many nights during our adoption process that I was scared, thought about giving up, felt completely overwhelmed and even regretted our decision to adopt.

But here is what kept me going... I was completely committed to obey God no matter what. It really didn't matter how scared I felt. Did I believe God was with me on this, or not? I fully believe God loves adoption and created adoption from the beginning of time. He certainly has a heart for the widow and orphan! I wanted to join God in this special work, this "visible gospel" as John Piper calls adoption.

Did God see our family as a perfect family who could handle an international adoption? Was this a task our family was uniquely suited for? Nope. This was one of those experiences in life that I found myself needing to rely on God's mercy, wisdom and strength to complete.

I share this because some of you might feel that adoption is somehow out of your league. It is not! If you have God, He is all you need. You just need to follow Him.

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