Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School

Today Sitota and Evelea went back to school (Carter starts on Monday). We really could have used two more weeks of summer break!

This year's back- to- school preparation was cut short by an unexpected trip to the hospital for Carter. I am still processing all of that because it was truly the most frightening experience we've had with Carter to date (and that is saying a lot!!!). I'll just say it involved 2 ambulances (would have been a helicopter had the weather permitted) and lots of blood. I am praising God that Carter is alive, yet feeling a bit let down and angry with God for letting Carter suffer so much. A place I don't like to be, but trying to use it to go ever deeper with my heavenly Father.

I'll post my back to school pictures as soon as I finish downloading them from my camera (apparently I haven't downloaded any in awhile!).

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