Monday, August 24, 2009

How Erika Got Her Groove Back

Lately I've been feeling run down. Just out of energy. Achy, sore, exhausted. I know I've been feeling some anger towards God. I was back to my old theological issue- I know God doesn't cause bad things to happen, but is allowing something bad to happen any better? I mean, if my best friend saw someone punch me, and could have stopped the person from hitting me in the first place, but chose not to intervene- I'd be hurt.

That's how I've been feeling towards God. I was feeling let down by God, mad that He wasn't protecting me and family like I think He should. But today I remembered something!!!

God doesn't allow anything to happen that He won't redeem! If He lets it happen, He is going to use the thing. Okay, now I am getting excited. Here is where my energy comes back. God is the expert Redeemer! He has done it so many times in my life and He'll keep doing it until Jesus returns or I go home to Heaven.

Yup, I can do this. I'm working it out.