Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny that I am feeling led to write this next post on cars, because both of our cars need some repairs at the moment. But that is okay, because even though we hate forking over the money to pay for these repairs, we have enough money in our emergency savings to cover these repairs.

Have you heard this phrase before?- The cheapest car is the car you already own.

If you are going to live on one income, you need to be satisfied with the car you have. You need to be okay with seeing friends from college and still be driving the car you had in college! Let go of that pride! It's okay- you own both of your cars and have no car payment and that is cool.

We bought Casey's car 11 years ago- it was used. My van, we did purchase new, and we have one payment left on that (probably not a choice we'd make again). When it comes time to replace Casey's car, we will pay cash for it. When we make that final van payment next month, we will save up that money that would go to the payment until we have enough cash to buy a car for Casey when his finally conks out.

Living on one income requires sacrifice. It is okay! God honors these sacrifices. Driving a new car means nothing when you have to miss your child's school play because you have to work. Keep your goal in mind and the pain of sacrifice becomes so worth it!

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  1. Thats great advice! When Matt and I got married, we sold my pricey Land Rover, and have been sharing our 1996 Toyota Camry for the last year. It has 267,000 miles on it, the passenger side window doesn't roll back up, and until recently, the driver side door handle had been broken since 2007. But we own it outright and have been able to spend the past year saving up for a new (to us) car when this one dies. There is so much freedom in driving a paid for car!