Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a New Day

As we were headed out the door for school the other day, Carter informed me that he wanted to walk to school by himself (meaning, from our car to the school playground). Typically, the big kids jump out of my car and run to the playground, while Carter and I enjoy a little one-on-one time leisurely walking together to the kindergarten line.

I decided to indulge his independence, half thinking he wouldn't follow through at the last minute. I reviewed a couple of safety tips and he purported that he would be fine, that he really didn't need me, and it was a new day. He rather emphatically stated again, "Mom, it is a new day".


He hopped out of the car (with a little help), and walked with his sisters to the school. I stayed way behind and watched. About half way to the line, he turns around and gives me a huge wave and shouts "Bye, Mom".

After making sure he truly made it to his line, I ran back to my car and sobbed. Oh yes, this momma's heart just broke. Of course I want him to be independent and self-confident, but I just didn't imagine this day would come so soon.

Later that day, Carter performed some "dangerous" tricks on the playground that he has never done before including going down the roller slide by himself and jumping off the slide (kinda). He just looked at me and said "Mom, it's a new day!".

Oh buddy, it is and new day for both of us. A day where you sprout some new wings and I lose my way just a little.


  1. i am crying with you just reading this. our good friend Melissa always says, "we want our kids to walk away from us" that's what we are preparing them to do, right? it is a beautiful thing.

  2. What an amazing story. In reading this, I especially think upon the hard times with Carter, ones where friends and family prayed for God's favor in blessing Carter's heart and health. What an awesome story.