Friday, November 19, 2010

An Unexpected Lesson

On Fridays, Carter and I have a quick lunch at McDonald's between kindergarten and his physical therapy session. It is a sweet time for both of us. Today's lunch date was made especially sweet when I witnessed young McDonald's employee with Down Syndrome pray out loud over his lunch. This young man bowed his head, folded his hands and prayed out loud, loud enough for me to hear what he was saying. Listening to this man pray fervently for his friends, family and co-workers with thankfulness for his food and his job, was not only sweet, but a bit disarming.

Why am I bit embarrassed when we pray over our food in public? Why do I worry our server will be put out somehow if the prayer gets a little long? How many times have I been ashamed of my faith? Why am I ever afraid to speak His name?

I wish I knew this young man's parents. I want to thank them for raising a son with such a strong, confident faith. I want to ask them how they did it. I want them to know how much he blessed me today.


  1. It warmed my heart to read about the young man praying before his meal. We are "baby" Christians, just a few years into our walk with the Lord. I remember feeling like I wanted to hide under the table the first time my husband wanted to pray in a restaurant. We don't eat out often, but I would say that I felt that way for at least the first dozen times it came up. Eventually, that feeling has faded. Maybe it is because I have become more comfortable with my faith and God's importance in my life has become more apparent.
    I hope that this young man set an example in you, so that you no longer feel the embarassment and shame. I bet you will think of him the next time you are in that position and will draw strength from his example.
    God bless you!

  2. and some people look down on those with disabilities.. I think sometimes those with the disabilities have a better grasp on simple, important things in life. This is beautiful Erika