Friday, November 19, 2010

Still Waiting

This waiting is killing me. I am usually a pretty patient person, but not today. You want to know how super impatient I am today? I'm not even happy that it is Friday because that means at least two more days of for sure not knowing when we can go get our girl. (insert foot stomp)

Last night I wrote her a letter and sent it to her via email. Someone will have to read it to her of course because she doesn't know English yet. I considered posting it here, but it feels a little too tender to me to have anyone else read it just yet. But I'll tell you it felt amazing to finally express my love to her. All these months I've been praying she could feel my love across the ocean. Today, she can see my photo and hear my words of love for her. Last night I fell asleep with my hand reaching out in her direction, asking God that He would allow her to feel my hand holding hers.

She's almost here. Really. Just a few more days.


  1. Oh, sweet. I love your tender heart.

  2. Oh, my heart aches. Just a little while longer....