Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Reading

I love to read. I have a habit of reading about 6-10 non-fiction books at any given time, and usually one fiction book, as well. I wish I could concentrate on just one thing at a time, but why fight against who I am? In fact, I am looking for a good work of fiction right now. If you have any recommendations, I'm listening.

One book that I highly recommend to any married person is Paul David Tripp's, What Did You Expect?

Forgive the cheesy cover, because it is full of wisdom for any marriage. Even if you are not currently struggling in your marriage, I still whole heartedly recommend this to you. It will challenge you in all your relationships.

The biggest idea I've taken away from the book so far is to view my husband's shortcomings as opportunities to minister to him. My normal response to any fault of my husband's is to only see how it inconveniences me. But to choose to give up my selfishness and instead focus on not only forgiving him, but helping him through it, is frankly, revolutionary!


  1. I will check out the book! Wanted to recommend Lynn Austin if you haven't already read her. I just finished her fiction Refiner's Fire series. I don't typically like historical fiction but this is just excellent. And she is a very gifted writer. I know Michelle is a fan and likely has recommended her already.

  2. Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck have been writing some Christian fiction together that is pretty good. Not the traditional "fluffy" romance. Myall time favorite is still The Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers. Challenging, thought provoking, and historically interesting. You just have to push throught the beginning of the first book. I recieved a link to your blog from my friend Tricia. I am an avid fan of adoption and my husband and I have been praying for God to use our family in this way too.