Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stop Child Trafficking

One of the highlights of our weekend was that Casey ran his first 5K.

This is pretty blog-worthy stuff considering how un-athletic our family was up until recently. The addition of two African princesses with some serious athleticism upped our family's jock quota significantly. Now, Casey is going all sporty on me with this new running gig.

Casey raised around $400 for a great cause- a group called, Stop Child Trafficking Now. UNICEF reports that child trafficking is the fastest growing crime industry in the world and that there are over 2 million child slaves in the world today. Casey ran in honor of his sister, Christy (aka Tooey, aka 2E), who turned 30- years old on the day of the race, and is an advocate of freedom for victims of trafficking.

Happy Birthday, Christy!

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