Friday, December 16, 2011

Safe Families Update

Ever have a day that changes every ten minutes? You think your day is heading one way, then it abruptly heads in another direction, oops, something changes again and again.

That was yesterday. Okay, that has been everyday for the past two weeks!

Yesterday, I brought our Safe Families baby to the hospital for his pre-op appointment for his surgery on Monday. They decided to admit him for observation of his cough to see if he is strong enough for surgery.

This marks the official end of our time with our little guy. When he leaves the hospital, post-surgery or otherwise, he will go home with his mom.

We ran out of nursing hours and our home health medical supplier will no longer deliver supplies to us because the baby was not "residing in his home state".

His mom is very gracious and welcomed us to visit in the hospital anytime and even invited us to her high school graduation. I know our families will stay connected and that gives me a lot of peace.

Last night I took the kids out to dinner to begin processing our experience with Safe Families and, in particular, this baby. I asked them to rate the total experience 1-10. 1 being miserable, the entire time, and 10 was fabulous, every minute.

The kids gave replies like 1000, 1,000,000, and infinity. They said they only way they are okay with Baby J leaving, is knowing someone else will be coming.


It's going to take me a little more processing time and about two weeks of sleeping through the night again before I'm ready to do this again, but we will do this again!

Can't wait to meet whoever God has in store for our family next!


  1. That is great that your kids are ready to do it again! What an amazing family you have! Our foster baby is going to her forever family in January. I think we will open up our house pretty soon after she goes. But like you said, I would like a few nights of sleep first LOL. Good luck in your continuing journey!

    Kelly in Colorado

  2. What amazing kids you have...and what wonderful parents they have to follow! May God refresh you in this transition. :)