Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Therese's Hero

One of the highlights of our trip to visit the First Baptist Church in California, MO was the incredible privilege of getting to meet Therese's sponsor, Howard.

Howard met Therese days after she arrived at the orphanage.  A doctor warned him not to fall in love with the girl, because she maybe had a year to live.  But it was too late!  Howard agreed to sponsor Therese, even paying double the sponsorship fee to provide life-saving medications.  He tried to bring Therese to the States on a medical visa, but was she was denied.  It looked like she might need a heart transplant, and non-citizens are not allowed on transplant waiting lists.

Through the years, Howard prayed faithfully for Therese, supporting her any way he could.

Do you know how humbling it is to think that our family was part of the answer to his prayer for Therese's life?  Can you imagine the debt of gratitude we feel to the man who kept our daughter alive?

The woman in this picture is Ruth Cox, affectionately known as Mama Ruth, the director of the Therese's former orphanage and school.  Another hero in this story of God's saving power.

Child sponsorship saves lives.

Prayer changes everything.

God uses his people as his hands in feet in the world.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Therese's former village, click here.  Save a life.