Monday, September 14, 2009

Follow ME

I have accomplished a goal I set for myself a few months ago- I can now run two miles (on a good day). For some of you, this is the puniest goal ever. For me, this is HUGE. I used to say "the only time I run is when someone is chasing me". Now, I own Saucony running shoes!

You know, when I first ran one mile, I was ecstatic. When I finally reached two miles, I was quite pleased with myself- until an ugly thought cropped up. A voice inside of me said "two miles is nothing, think of all the women you know who can run a marathon". I began wishing I could run a marathon and got down right discouraged when I thought "it is still so hard, after all these months of running, for me to run two miles, I will never be able to run a marathon". I felt like giving up. The joy of running I had felt was gone.

Then, I felt the Lord say to me, "Erika, did I ask you to run a marathon? Where did you get this idea that YOU should be running a marathon?". Oh. I guess I was comparing myself to my friends. The Lord impressed on me that I needed to keep my eyes on Him, not my friends. Oh, that is right! The Lord has given me tons of important work to do and that does not include training for a marathon at this time.

So, I have started just running for fun. No keeping track of miles. Just running for the exercise and sunshine.

Eyes on ME, Erika. Okay, Lord, eyes on YOU.


  1. That's right! Keep at it, that's awesome.

  2. Remind me to tell you something about running...

  3. Way to go!! Two miles IS a Marathon!