Saturday, January 23, 2010

God is SO good!

Yesterday we got a HUGE surprise in the mail- bunk beds! We need bunk beds so our new daughter will have some where to sleep when she gets here. I have told many friends to be on the look out for used bunk beds and I have been checking craigslist and another friend has been watching freecycle for me for a few months now.

Yesterday a Fed Ex truck pulled up to the house and delivered a brand new bunk bed to our house. How cool is that?

I love God and I love Christian people who obey Him!

Thank you so much to whoever provided this amazing gift to us!

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  1. Erika--

    I just needed to tell you the amazing ways that God speaks to us, and reminds us of His love. Our entire Sunday School lesson today was on how God calls us to love. We spent a lot of time talking about showing this love to others, and whether it is better to give anonymously or for people to see you give, what your attitude is about giving, and ultimately who receives the glory. Then I read your post and it is a PERFECT example of what God calls us to do. I am very excited for you, and love reading about how God is working in your life. Thanks for sharing!

    Nickie Doyle