Friday, June 17, 2011

Be An Abolitionist

Last weekend we had the great opportunity to reunite with Ruth, director of Therese's former orphanage.

We met in Springfield, IL, did some sight-seeing and got all caught-up on each other's lives. Therese got to get news about her friends in Yako and got to show off her new hair.

If you've ever traveled to Springfield, you may have had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Museum. What an experience!

It was really powerful to stand in this museum with my two brown skinned children and two white skinned children and wonder what Mr. Lincoln would have thought about my family. Would he have been amazed that such a family could ever exist in the United States of America?

My brain was swirling as I listened to Ruth tell me stories about how women are treated in Burkina Faso and how few opportunities they have. I couldn't help but think that life wasn't much different a mere 200 years ago in America for your average slave woman, or any woman.

It depressed me to think of these precious women enduring lives with no rights and no real hope. On the other hand, it invigorated me to think that this can change, and it doesn't have to take a civil war or even a great president. You and I can make that change happen. You and I can help give women a hope and future.

Go to the Sheltering Wings website and get information on sponsoring a child or a widow. You, too, can be an abolitionist.

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