Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bumper Crop

I recently read this post from a fellow blogger and dear friend about how, shall we say, "unbecoming" it is when parents brag non-stop about their kid's accomplishments. I totally get that that is wrong, but it's okay to brag about your vegetable garden, right?

Last year I planted my first vegetable garden. I refused to stress about soil Ph, what kind of compost to use, etc. Casey dug the beds, we added a few bags of good dirt and planted the seeds according to the seed packets (does anyone but me find those directions on the seed packet a little confusing? I have to read them like six times...).

Anywhooo... here are some pictures of our first garden's bounty! We did great! Casey and I got downright corny about our "bumper crop", a phrase we like to bellow loudly while inspecting the fruit of our labor.

Today, the girls and I planted this year's garden. A little late in the season, but we had quite the rainy spring. So excited to see what this year's garden holds!

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  1. Yummy! I LOVE gardening and so I appreciate your bumper crop last year. I have yet to plant...too many variables this year for us.
    You may have to send me a tomato or two ;)