Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Just about everyday I think about going vegetarian for several reasons. It is definitely a more budget friendly diet and because the source of most of the meat in this country is horrid. What holds me back, is that we already have so many dietary restrictions in this house (one of us is diary free, one gluten/dairy/soy free, one gluten/dairy free and one is nut-free), it is mind boggling to add another limitation.

However, when I heard this news story today, I think I'll be on a bit of a vegetarian spree:

That is just yucky.


  1. Oh, heavens. We've been eating less meat for a while now, too.

  2. My word, you have a lot of dietary restrictions to juggle! Our family is vegetarian and dairy free and we try to limit soy as well. If you need some easy, yummy recipes (approved by my kids), I can send them to you. Let me know ...