Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Aboard!

The Solgos family is about to embark on a new adventure. Yes, the Sol Train is charting a new course these days, but the destination remains the same.

Pure Religion. James 1:27.

As of Monday, August 22nd, we are an official Safe Family. I couldn't be more excited about this new adventure. Safe Families is a Christian organization that places kids in homes temporarily while the biological parent tends to a major crisis in her life (i.e., homelessness, rehab, domestic violence). This is not foster care. The parent places their child voluntarily and temporarily. The host family volunteers their time and home.

The goal is that the child returns to his family. The hope is that the host family may mentor the bio parent to guide them through their crisis. This is very exciting to me. What an incredible way to meet practical needs and share the love of Christ!

A friend from church had this as her facebook status yesterday and it spoke to me deeply as we begin this new adventure:

God rarely asks me to do something I’m self-equipped for or

comfortable with. He just asks me to obey.

Thanks, Chrissy!

Of course we'd love to adopt internationally again or even domestically someday, but in the confines of our current house, that may not be possible. There is a square footage requirement for DCFS that says we are running a little small. Apparently special needs children now count as two children- ugh. This is really sad for me. You can fit as many biological kids into a house as you see fit, but apparently adopted kids need more space? Can you sense my frustration?

Once upon a time I was nervous about the fact that we would have three girls sharing a room. But a few trips to the third world erased that fear. My girls would be just fine in their cozy, purple bedroom. Not to mention when one girl is gone on a sleep-over, the others are crying because their room is too lonely.

So, as we get ready to make room for another sweet child in this family, I'll leave you Toby Mac fans with a little chorus, "when love is in the house, the house is packed"!


  1. Wow, I was unaware of that square footage rule. That is truly ridiculous! And I am so with you on the sharing the room thing. They are so funny how they lament when one of them goes away. They need each other. ;) It is so sweet. The more packed in the better, I say. :)

  2. I have three kids in one room, too. And my friend who is trying to foster-then-adopt a young man through the state has been harassed about the size of her bedrooms. Frustrating, indeed. I love your friend's FB status! Blessings to you as you carry out God's heart.