Monday, August 29, 2011

Now, with Real Pictures! I think!

At times like these, I wish I were more technology savvy! I apologize!

I went back and updated the former posts so you can hopefully see the pictures now. I could see the pictures all along, so I didn't realize the problem immediately.

Please, feel free to share these pictures and stories with your friends. Even if they are not interested in adoption, maybe they will commit to pray for these precious children until they find a home? I'll keep you updated here if any of these children get adopted. What happy news that will be!

If you would like to help an orphan or vulnerable child, please consider sponsoring a child. A few months ago I posted about a few students in Burkina Faso who were in desperate need of sponsorship. One of the children did get sponsored, but the other child is still waiting. You can read more about sponsorship here. It is the girl in the red and white shirt that is still waiting.

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