Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Child Waits

This next post is hard for me to write because it feels like I am offering up a piece of my heart. But if I keep this piece to myself, it could only be called selfish.

When I was in Burkina Faso adopting Therese, I met a boy.

This boy captured my heart with his sweet nature and his searching eyes and his life story. He was Therese's best friend. He cried when we left the orphanage. I thought it was because he would miss Therese so much. But he was actually crying because he wants a family so badly.

I wept as we pulled away and promised God I would do what I could to find him a family. I wish we could be his family and it is hard for me to understand why God seems to be shutting the door for us to adopt him.

If you think you might know a family who could love and cherish this boy, please contact me and I can give you all the information I have.

"But You see the trouble and the distress, and You will do something. The poor can count on You and so can orphans." Psalm 10:14


  1. I shared this on my facebook page. I know there are some people out there that are open to adoption. May the Lord touch their heart.

    Find him a home, Lord.

  2. I saw this on my cousins facebook page. Our youngest child is 13. How old is he?

  3. Vicki, if you want more information, please email me at I'm happy to answer any questions!

  4. What a sweet face! We are seeking the Lord about adoption, praying that he will put a situation in our path. We have 4 children, but our oldest is only 9. Please contact me if you learn that the rules have changed.

  5. I sent you an e-mail. Hopefully it went to the right place. :)