Friday, August 5, 2011

What God Joins Together

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having our friend, Elizabeth, over for a visit. Well, it was a visit for me, but mostly work for her! She kindly offered to braid the girl's hair and she turned them into stunning beauties.

I am so grateful to know Elizabeth. She is a great role model for my girls. She grew up in Burkina Faso and has now lived in Chicago for 20 years. She recently graduated with her Master's in Nursing and will soon be a Nurse Practioner. On a return trip to Burkina, she met Therese when Therese was living in the orphanage and was captivated by this outgoing, fun-loving girl with a heart defect. Elizabeth also grew up with a heart defect, so she can relate to Therese on many levels.

We are so blessed to know Elizabeth. I love how God puts just the right people into our lives!

Another fun thing is that Elizabeth still remembers quite a bit of Moore, Therese's native language. A few weeks ago Therese told us that she has a Moore name; Telato. Burkinable girls are often given a name that indicates what day of the week they were born. Therese could not remember which day Telato was- and now we know! Drumroll, please... Tuesday! I love having this insight into her early years.

My beautiful Tuesday!


Even Evelea gets in on the hair braiding!