Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is Pierre.

When you read his story, you will see how urgent it is that he finds a home.

Born: 27 May, 2003

Pierre is not in school. He is deaf. The orphanage where he has been placed does not have the means to send him to a special school for the deaf. (There has not been any actual testing done on Pierre's hearing but the orphanage workers feel that he does have some hearing.)

Pierre gets along well with all of the children in the orphanage and with the care-givers. His best friend is called Apollinaire and they are the same age. They spend lots of time together. They communicate with simple hand signs. Like all of the children in the home, Pierre is looked after by care-taker and has received some pre-school level training. He can say a few words in French and he can count.

Pierre is in good health. He has not been hospitalized for any illness since coming the to orphanage.

His story is that a woman left Pierre with some children at the side of the road, saying that she was going to go and repair her bike. This woman left and did not come back for him. After waiting a long time, Pierre was taken to the police and was placed the next day at a local orphanage (26 May, 2008).

In the three years that Pierre has been in the orphanage no one has called or come by to inquire about him.

Conclusion of the home study is that his status is that of an abandoned child and that adoption is the only route for him to have a family.


  1. Hi, I'd like to talk to you about Pierre! I'm waiting for a referral for two deaf children from Ethiopia. My blog is www.helpabeandmarissaadopt.webstarts.com and my contact info is posted there. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi:
    I am considering adopting a boy Burkina Faso from the same orphanage where you adopted your daughter. We have never adopted before, though, and wonder how to know if this is God's call for us or not....Can you help?

  3. Mags, I'd love to help. Email me at esolgos@gmail.com and I'll reply.